App Development Costs In The Uk

App Development Costs In The Uk

App development and mobile websites costs are broken down in the relationship between what you are wanting to achieve,and the performance and capability of your mobile application and the cost of mobile SEO on the Google Play Store For Android Devices and the App Store for Apple Mac Devices such as the iPhone.These are as important if not more important as 60% of mobile applications fail to get downloaded due to poor mobile optimization regarding the SEO, when publishing the app to the stores you require.If you are wanting a single page type application with a game or a more business type app that has the full performance integrating all your business tools,including the use of sending out sms messaging which is known as push notifications,a form of text message that allows messages to be sent via a text or picture message type link,these push notifications can be modified to view and target your customer audience with analytic s by street by town city or country to allow you to send the correct information to a certain area.

Extra revenue for your mobile app can be achieved with advertisements from affiliate programs that we partner with and if there is a particular niche you are involved in we are happy to find you the most profitable and rewarding advertisement for your mobile app if not listed,we will do the research and connect you with the relevant source you require FREE of charge,whether you use our services in creating a mobile app or not,we pride ourselves on finding a dedicated and well run affiliate program for you to use.We have remarkable talents in finding the best affiliate revenue on the market and usually can get a 30 % to 50% better deal than any other agent out there.If your website or marketing campaigns generate interest from uses or clients,we would love to hear from you as a higher performing business may be able to be qualified for a greater share of the revenue.

The app pricing also depends on the type of software used to create the mobile app and if a dedicated software team update the software to insure it runs bug free allowing less downtime.The important aspects in receiving more downloads also depends on the information that is shared to the user to make the decision weather to download the app as a typical app user will make the decision within approx 1.5 seconds.The information to share varies from good quality and interesting screenshots and there should be approx 5 mobile screen shots of the application as if was open.The other important aspect is information on what the app actually does and its functions and if there is a cost to download the app.

App icons also play a key role in the download of your app and these little square box shapes are automatically reformed with rounded corners for the app stores so that there is a consistent shape to every application on the Google Play Store and the App Store.A 2D Flat Icon or a 3D Glossy Shaped icon with superior looks will enhance the look and feel of a top performing application.

As app developers and SEO specialist we understand the importance of creating your mobile app for the highest performance and income targeted business tool.

Mobile applications directed to your website will generate more hits naturally proving to Google and Safari that you use white hat tactics to gain website traffic allowing a higher ranking without being penalized due to poor web traffic and tactics,your mobile app will also benefit if using both app stores, a PR1 high ranking backlink to rank your website up even further.As you can understand the price of a mobile app varies and we charge from £99 upwards depending on your requirements and budget costs,but we are very competitive on app development pricing although we do stick to very high standards and will not lower these standards for the sake of a few pounds as our passion is to make a excellent return on investment for your mobile marketing solution on the app stores.

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