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What matters for your business Good client based income and support to insure high performance revenues are maintained in your online marketing campaigns,we work together to achieve the best conversion rates and the highest lifetime value, for your website traffic to your email campaigns Our clients range from start up businesses to the top performance based marketing companies in the industry and welcome the creative talents of ambitious newcomers. Whether you are involved in Direct Marketing, SEO, Social Media, PPC or Blogging, we fully understand you and we share the ultimate goal,to maximize your revenue. Here at We know it can be a risky business using SEO from online service providers in the IT industry,as many digital organizations are only interested in the value of their business profits and lack the overall end results delivering short term solutions to maximize their own profits,or in other words big businesses in the IT industries will over charge and under deliver.These information technology groups make their money using fancy websites and overrated techniques with professional spin doctors spinning the truth and have huge marketing budgets to trick you into their services and contracts within the IT industry. We have seen and experienced many online trading tactics and online marketing stunts,from the creative and unusual to the bizarre,these trading tactics can be worded in different ways but have one thing in common,to deliver sales traffic to your website or business. We love offering creative IT solutions ideas for maximizing your business profits,but it all depends on your business budget after all,we need to make a living too !

Delivering IT solutions to your business website involves great attention to detail,this starts from the first stage of collecting information on your business,with research following to determine the correct approach to your success of your business in IT solutions in a cost effective way. IT solutions are not just online as people are lead to believe which also has been a typical tradition in online marketing and marketing in general online,for instance creating a cost effective direct sales strategy offline to deliver online sales can be delivered with numerous and humorous results.Our background involved direct marketing to customers on a B2C level,not just handing out leaflets to every member of the public,but offering information on products to closing down the sale.Targeting customers is a strategy every business needs to understand and their target audience to deliver products to their customers.

You have to imagine being in the shoes of a greedy salesman,who is after quick sales and repeat sales for his own benefit as the salesmen will be on a commission,by hook or by crook he or she will be preying on the weakest or targeting the vulnerable business owner for a more valuable contract as its human behavior and closing down a sale can be tuff work.So if your business requires a direct sales force who are dedicated and committed to achieve fantastic results,we can deliver a sales team,with your help,who will supply the relevant information and the bottom line of what we can or cant get away with without the BS as this sales strategy will deliver the results,rather than hiding the truth as honesty will be more beneficial to all concerned. We can also offer a direct process to which a customer can download your app and receive a special offer,with direct offline marketing approach and can be targeted in a number of ways here in the UK or on a international basis.With international direct sales this will cover a wider audience and can be a lucrative offline approach for international website traffic and sales depending on your products or service your business provides. This can be a more cost effective business strategy than you can imagine and possibly more cost effective than employing members of staff on a full time basis to generate important sales leads. We can work in any country promoting your business with face to face direct sales to customers targeted on their age or sex or general targeted customer audience. Our direct sales teams can switch their sales pitch from selling on price or service to emotion pitch,this includes charities to gambling sites.

To offer a more professional approach to succeed well, apart from marketing material and possibly a pod or table, a uniform is also required and a mobile device such as a iPad device connected to the internet to receive instant signups and email capture for further offers from your email campaigns. This also saves on paper and other marketing material and benefits your business from expensive printing costs and helps the sales team and management chasing fresh marketing material from printing companies as well as deliverer time.

Conferences and special events or private events,face to face direct sales to the customer including street promotions and door to door,we can tailor make your direct sales solution offline,with research and determine footfall and target audience.

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