How to rank your website high using backlinks

How to rank your website high using
Alexa is a online analytic platform to check your website ranking and to see how your perform using different metrics,such as checking your world ranking or your ranking in your country and shows the data in graphs and percentages.This useful information is used to target your target audience. To use Alexa even more to your advantage,type in your competitors website,this will show their web ranking and their target audience data,now to boost ii further while using data analytic,you can track your competitors back links and also view their keywords what rank them above your website.Ok you need some more website juice to rank your website even further,read on,using Alexa find the top 500 websites,its on a link on the first page of Alexa,after you have found the top 500 websites,click onto the website you are finding data for,this will show you their data and analytic and their keywords which rank them up high, as well as their back-links,the links are at the bottom of the page on Alexa,click onto one of their back-links,this will take you to another site or blog,but ranks very well worldwide,if you can leave a comment onto that back-link such as a original 150 word article ( INCLUDING YOUR WEBSITE URL ) This will create a high ranking back link for your website. So his is how you can create high ranking back links for your website or any other blog or URL for free using this simple yet effective SEO method for free,this may take a few weeks for your website to get hundreds of high ranking back links for free,it will also take a few weeks for them to be crawled by search engines,so here is another little secret SEO advice,copy and paste your back links into your social media or blog and ask people to add their comment,this will create extra strength to your back-link,you can always ping your back-link to the search engines using ping my url which is found on our website,Using these tools will save you lots of time money,try and check your Alexa rankings regular and your competitors analytic for inside information on valuable data to make your website a success. Bookmark our website on your pc and save it to your favorites and keep checking for any updates of free SEO tips.