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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a major factor in website ranking and possibly your website may be affected with incorrect keywords,website owners are paying huge amounts of money for Google to rank their keywords high and to link back to the chosen website they are promoting,this is great to get fast promotion,but in a effort to reduce costs,long tail keywords are the better long term solution in website ranking rather than paying out continually to other 3rd parties.For instance if your website business was a "shoe" shop the chances are you would have put the single word "shoe" as a keyword and wonder why your website is not getting ranked high using this keyword.The point is that another 1 million website shoe shop owners have done the same,hoping that particular  keyword would generate high web traffic volumes,this is when our Long tail keyword research service helps your website business choose the correct keywords that match your  business,for instance if your shoe shop was to have the keyword "shoe designs" or "latest shoe designs" this would have a superior advantage over your competitors and ranking your website higher.

We will do a search for low to medium ranking long tail keywords that would be suitable for you to use on your website,if you are wondering "what low ranking keywords that's crazy " read on as  we mentioned low to medium long tail keywords,this is a terminology referring to how your website would react to certain words with low to medium ranking keywords actually ranking your website up higher than high ranking long tail keywords,it basically has a magical effect as this is a less well known factor in keyword research .

Amazing ! 

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