Video Production : How much does it cost to create a video

How much does it cost to create a video,is basically asking how long is a piece of string,this all depends on your budget,for instance does your business really want a feature film with a all star cast,with lots of fast cars exploding and bad men with guns blasting their way into banks,followed by private jets taking off from a private island,and lots of pretty girls riding motorcycles at high speed down the motorway and typing into a laptop,its all possible but not really suitable for a typical business,so the cost of a video for your business say for You-tube a 30 second to 1 minute short clip intro about your business will set you back about £30 for a basic High definition video using our services.We send you the video clip via email and you are left to do the rest,such as uploading it to YouTube or placing it on your website,Although we offer a full package of video creation and extra service for video seo and video research and provide the necessary information to rank your video high as well as creating a YouTube channel This is also depending on the information you supply to us,for instance we would need to understand what you want to achieve,your story line for your video and the main features of your business,also we would require your logo or pictures that you might want adding to the video.Your website or your business address and social media names can be added to the video as well.

We can provide your business high definition pictures for your video from a stock gallery to enhance the quality even better for a smarter more professional look and feel,we can also provide a logo for the creation for your video,this can be a plain type flat logo or a super 3D graphic designed logo,which you can use after for your website or business letter head.

We can even send web traffic to your video and ask viewers to subscribe to your video and make comments to your video to rank your video clip up higher

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your needs for your video requirements and lets make you a super star

Video clips are important asset to your online and offline presence for customers to visit your website or to visit your business premises as videos can be attract a far greater reach and more cost effective way or getting orders online and offline,videos will stay on your YouTube channel forever continually advertising your business.

A video clip will reduce your carbon footprint on the earth as videos are clean and green for the environment a paperless cost effective method of replacing billions of advertising brochures across the planet.