What Are Creative Profiles For Your Business

Creative Profiles allow you to group together certain marketing materials and allows creative profiles to be together into one profile section and then generate a unique code or link ,that will rotate a mixture  the selected marketing links and materials as required. One creative profile can be certainly used for multiple Websites, you can use the particular profile to manage all the ''creatives profiles'' advertised,for all your websites,simply changing the selected areas will be a creative marketing step.

Here is how it works Set up a profile account -> give it a name ( This will allow you to check the analytic s of its performance and then select the ''creatives'' in which to have in the ''profile'' under the heading "Manage Creatives" the tab below. The Next step is to generate a profile code -> select the "Get Code" tab and then select the website you wish to place the ''profile code'' on, and simply copy and paste the generated code onto your websites or webpage.Its far more simple than it sounds. CONTACT US